Friday, July 24, 2009

Engagement Party

In Vietnam, the engagement party is evidently a huge affair. Both families are usually involved, but in this case we just "participated" from afar. Daniel and Tien had a big studio photo session with them in various outfits, including traditional Vietnamese dress. Tien was gorgeous in every one, and they look very happy together. The party was held on July 14th at a big restaurant with lots of food and lots of people Daniel didn't know. He also didn't understand the ceremonies he participated in. Lots of photos were taken, and video too. We're looking forward to viewing those.

They've been working on getting Tien a fiancee visa, which will take 3-6 months, they're told. Daniel may return to the U.S. during that wait, or he may stay in Vietnam. They plan to come to Colorado and have George perform their wedding in a lovely outdoor setting. We are certainly looking forward to having Tien as a daughter-in-law!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big, Big News!

In June, Daniel totally surprised us by calling from Vietnam to say he'd asked Tien to marry him. He and Tien have corresponded via Internet and letters for 8 years, but we knew nothing of her till he went and stayed a week with her family near Saigon. Daniel left Saigon to travel around Vietnam, but that didn't last long; he flew back to Tien and proposed. We are very pleased and happy for them.

Christopher (Kit) was home from Iraq for most of June, and Wendy came from Alaska for a week-long visit. Kit had some remarkably good fishing, and we all spent a night in a large suite overlooking the river at the Breckenridge Marriott. The whole state is lush green from all the thunderstorms that have rolled through. Kit will return to his base in Germany and be out of the army in just four months!

I (Madeline) broke my arm about mid-June (distal radius fracture) and had a metal plate inserted in my wrist to repair it.