Sunday, February 26, 2012

George's Journey to Health: How it Started

It's time for me to start up this blog again. I've had a job -- Senior Editor for Adult Curriculum at Community Bible Study -- that keeps me glued to a computer all day long, writing and editing, so when I get home, I don't do much writing. However, now that we need a platform to keep people informed on the newest challenge in our lives, I'll be blogging more often.

George spent 3 days in St. Francis hospital in early February, being treated for pulmonary emboli (blood clots) in his left lung. He had been getting weaker and finding it more difficult to breathe since January 14th, when he experienced an extremely sharp pain in his left side that wouldn't go away. After a few days of him yelling out every time he moved, we went to see the Physician's Assistant he usually sees at our doctor's office. She decided that he had pulled a muscle, and prescribed some medicine. It was on a Friday evening 3 weeks later that we finally decided he should go to the ER. They discovered multiple blood clots in his lung and the oxygen level in his blood was 81 -- extremely low. He was admitted and began treatment to thin his blood so he wouldn't produce more clots and to dissolve the ones in his lung. It is taking a long time for his lung to recover from the damage, and he can't go without oxygen. He's tethered by a 40-foot tube to a nifty little machine that makes oxygen, day and night.

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