Monday, October 12, 2009

Georgia's Scooter

Here's our little Georgia on her new birthday scooter.

This last week has been taken up with surprise surgery for Madeline, who had her gallbladder removed. Everything went very well.

We had two days of unseasonal, sub-freezing weather. Icey fog coated everything with a thick layer of ice. The sun came out today and melted the ice. Now we can get back to Fall for a few weeks -- we hope!

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  1. I finally found your blog! I used another computer, and had no problem. Congratulations on 38 years of marriage! Jay and I have been married 18 years last June.

    It sounds like you've got three adult children, all boys. Am I correct? I raised three children; two girls and a boy. The mailing address I found on Facebook for you two is in Colorado, so I'll try mailing you our yearly Christmas letter.

    I became a professional photographer, and had my own studio for ten years in our little town of La Grande. I shot everything from weddings to rodeos. I see you have a son who is also a photographer. I enjoyed looking at his work in the little box at the bottom of your blog!

    I'm curious why you started a blog. I've been thinking about doing this also because of the biographical book I'm working on. I see you continue to write, Madeline.

    We also have a cat named Punkin! I just thought that was a funny coincidence.

    I'm glad I found you both. April